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Office Administration

Programme Outline

Based on SAQA's Unit Standard 110023, NQF Level 04, 6 Credits


Organisations cannot function without written reports. Reports are important in organisations because they provide vital information that can be used for everyday operations and decision making. Inorder for reports to be useful, they must be written in the correct format and using the appropriate writing aids. If you are involved in correcting reports for your manager or perhaps decide on the content and actually write the report, then this is a training workshop that you must not miss.

Key learning Areas

  • Types of reports
  • Planning a report
  • Writing a report
  • Editing a report
  • Presenting reports
Based on SAQA's Unit Standard 15234, NQF Level 05, 4 Credits


In this course, students will practice techniques that will help them achieve more effective use of their time so that they can direct their energy towards the activities that will further their professional and personal goals.

Key Learning Areas

  • Importance of time management
  • Principles of time management
  • Creating work plans
  • Implementing efficient work plans
  • Time management techniques
  • Managing time wastages
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